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Reconfiguring Diaspora: The Transformation of the Jewish Diaspora in Antiquity


12 December 2017. The kick-off meeting of PEACE: A Portal of Epigraphy, Archaeology, Conservation and Education on Jewish Funerary Culture, currently entailing a partnership between Utrecht University (Netherlands), The Steinheim Institute (Germany) and Brown University (USA), takes place on 12-13 December 2017. This research consortium is generously sponsored by a three-year grant from the Rothschild Foundation. The three partner teams meet in the Netherlands to draw the road map of their cooperation over the next three years, and to decide on the first steps for aligning the data of the PEACE portal.


28 September 2017. The international academic workshop “All That Remains: The Conservation and Education on Jewish Funerary Culture” is on its way. Twelve participants from six different countries will convene at Utrecht University on 11-12 June 2018. The full program and abstracts will become available online soon. The workshop is organized by Ortal-Paz Saar and generously sponsored by the Rothschild Foundation, as part of the larger grant awarded to the PEACE project.


13 March 2017. “Letters in the Dust” workshop report published online on the European Association of Jewish Studies (EAJS) website. See link.


10 November 2016. We would like to thank all the participants of the “Letters in the Dust” workshop for a splendid academic event, a fruitful discussion, and their potential future collaboration on the topic of Jewish funerary culture.


28 October, 2016. The full program of the round-table workshop “Letters in the Dust: The Epigraphy, Archaeology and Conservation of Medieval Jewish Cemeteries” is now online.


1 August, 2016. Prof. Leonard V. Rutgers and Dr. Ortal-Paz Saar have received an EAJS Conference Grant for convening an international academic workshop titled “Letters in the Dust: The Epigraphy, Archaeology and Conservation of Medieval Jewish Cemeteries”. The workshop will take place at Utrecht University on 7-8 November 2016, and will include fourteen speakers from nine different countries.


July 12, 2016. The updated database of funerary inscriptions of Jews from Italy will be online soon.